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Frewen College

Frewen College

CEAS: Special Educational Needs Allowance

Service Children's Education (SCE Schools)

The MOD has a dedicated web page that gives guidance on obtaining allownaces and this can be found at:

Children with a wide range of moderate special educational needs are supported in SCE schools, however there are no special schools, special units or pupil referral units that can deal with more than moderate needs.  Also, they cannot make provision for a complete range of special needs overseas. It may be necessary for children with more severe levels of need to attend specialist schools in the UK.

Who qualifies for the SEN Allowance (SENA)?

You can apply to SCE (UK) for SENA if your child is in a boarding school and is diagnosed as having special educational needs, or is assessed as having SEN that require more support than the local base or civilian school can provide for. If agreed, this will provide an enhanced allowance to enable your child to attend one of the specialist schools on the CEAS approved list, such as Frewen College.

What do you need to do?

  1. The first thing you should do if you think your child may have special educational needs is to speak to their class teacher, first to see what they think, and second to find out what extra support may be available at the school and how to access it.
  2. If you believe your child may be Dyslexic, check our 'Dyslexia Early Indicators' page for tell-tale traits.
  3. You will need to arrange for an assessment to be carried out by an Educational Psychologist. The EP will have to be approved by CEAS and you will have to pay for the assessment, at least initially, so make sure you check the EP's acceptability first. The assessment will comprise a range of tests that will identify strengths and weaknesses, and provide the basis for developing an appropriate teaching programme.
  4. If the EP report confirms that your child has special educational needs that require specialist support you should at that stage arrange to visit Frewen College, unless you have already done so. We will then review the report and other documentation and decide whether your child should attend an Evaluation Visit.
  5. If a place is offered, you can then apply to SCE(UK), sending the EP report (which must be less than one year old), details of Frewen College, and any other supporting documentation. 
  6. If SCE(UK) agree that your child qualifies for payment of SENA, they will send you a certificate which you should attach to your Boarding School Allowance claim form and present it to your Pay Office. The certificate should indicate whether or not the cost of the EP report is to be refunded.
  7. If you decide to keep your child at their existing boarding school, it should be noted that SENA is normally only paid for two years. It is likely that you would need to move your child to a specialist school if payment of SENA is to continue.

It should be noted that particularly at a time of public spending cuts the availability of SENA and the application process may be subject to change.

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